Top 10 Indian Gifts


There are many occasions you may need to give Indian gifts, from weddings and birthdays to new mother’s gifts and home-warning presents. One of the greatest pleasures of gifting is choosing something the recipient will love.

Indian weddings are fun, colourful and exciting and gift-giving is an unsaid part of the wedding culture and an important token. Traditionally, couples never made gift lists or registries, so it was up to guests to decide on the perfect Indian gift. Gift lists are starting to become more common, so you can choose something the couple have seen but there may be occasions when you are left wondering what the perfect Indian gift is.

But it is not just weddings that require careful gifts; you may be looking for gifts for your family or friends. Follow Red Dot Jewel’s Indian gift guide, so you will always choose the right options.


If you are looking for traditional Indian wedding gifts, you cannot go wrong with cash. Giving money to the new couple is a long-standing Indian tradition and is also popular with guests because it does not involve going out to the shops and worries over whether they will like your present or if it is suitable. In North Indian cultures, giving cash is known as Sagan or Shagan. Gift cheques used to be popular but now bank gift cards that can be used like debit or credit cards are favoured. If you are giving cash, look for a pretty handmade envelope to put it in. The amount of money you may give will be personal to you and your relationship with the couple, but traditionally guests never give amounts ending in a 0, always an odd number, normally a 1.


Giving jewellery to the groom’s family is a common Indian tradition, especially in North India. The groom’s family also commonly give diamond jewellery or gold to the bride. Buying the couple jewellery is a wonderful idea. Red Dot Jewels has a huge selection, ideal for Indian gifts, including show-stopping collections from leading designers. The right item of jewellery can add sparkle to any occasion and can be an ideal Indian gift for not only weddings but for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Jewellery is not just for women; we also stock cufflinks for men, which make a fantastic gift for the groom or for male friends.


Clothes are often given as presents at Indian weddings. Traditional Indian wedding gifts often include a new sari for the bride but now any item of clothing is welcomed. This is because, in a new phase of life, the couple should wear new clothes. Do some research into the style of the couple and the type of clothes they wear and their sizes. Investing in beautiful materials and items will make your gifts –  items to treasure forever. If you are buying Indian gifts for friends or family, a beautiful item of traditional clothing is always a wonderful gesture, whether it is a new sari, lehenga or salwar kameez for women, or a sherwani or dhoti kurta for men.

Sweets and dry fruit

Everyone loves sweets! Known as Mithai, Indian sweets make a fantastic Indian gift. When it comes to weddings, giving sweets and dry fruits symbolises the guests’ wishes for the newlyweds’ good health. There is also a traditional saying that you should always try something new with a sweet mouth. If you are looking for healthier options, dried fruit and fruits are also popular. Ensure your sweets or dried fruit are presented in beautiful packaging. There is a wide choice available to buy, from deep-friend jaleebi, ball-shaped ladoo and Indian milk fudge, called kesar pedar.

Household items

If you are buying for Indian newlyweds, just as in Western cultures, the couple will need a certain number of items to set up home together. From pictures to decorate the walls, through to kitchen utensils such as saucepans, food processors or crockery, household items will always be welcomed. Again, do your research first before making your selection, so you can choose something they will need and enjoy using.

Personalised gifts

One of the main reasons to choose a personalised gift is that it adds it allows that connection between you and the recipient to shine through. Whether you are buying Indian wedding gifts and choose a personalised picture of the couple or you buy a personalised piece of jewellery for a loved one or special friend, these gifts will always be cherished and adored. There is a whole world of items that can be personalised, from t-shirts and clothing to kitchenware.

Spa vouchers

Who does not love a visit to a spa? Weddings can be pretty exhausting, so all couples will welcome vouchers to pamper themselves after the event. This will allow them to keep the celebrations going, spend some quality time together and so they can relax and recharge as they start their new life as husband and wife. If you are looking for gifts for a mom, this is also the ideal pressie, so she can leave her baby for an hour or two to get pampered.

Voucher experiences

If you are buying for a couple, voucher experiences are a great Indian wedding gift. This will give the bride and groom the opportunity to do something completely different together, whether it is bucket-list experience, like experiencing a tasting menu at a five-star restaurant, or a day doing something invigorating, like go-karting, race car driving or even bungee jumping. If you are buying gifts for friends, buying a voucher for you to do together can make for an exciting bonding experience.

Flowers and plants

Flowers are a lovely Indian gift, whether it is for a couple on their wedding day, a birthday or for a new mum. Flowers are intrinsically connected with emotions, such as love, affection and appreciation. Giving flowers conveys these feelings in a wonderful way. Plants and trees also make beautiful gifts, and couples or individuals can plant and nurture them and watch them grow.


Couples watches are a popular Indian wedding gifts. This is a fantastic way to mark the start of their lives together, with a stylish and classic timepiece. Watches can also be worn from day-to-day and the couples will not only be reminded of their happy wedding day but also of their other half, who will be wearing a matching piece on their wrist.



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