The Indian Wedding Checklist for the Perfect Bridal Look (Infographic)


Hurray, you are engaged. Congratulations! Wedding planning tends to be a very busy and stressful time for any bride. This period of your life should be full of excitement and creativity. Yet it can get overshadowed with the overwhelming sense of knowing where to begin, especially when everyone keeps saying, ‘You need to look your best!’

We have devised this simple and handy guide that every bride should refer to in the 12-month lead up to her wedding, so you can look your most radiant and gorgeous on the big day.



Set your budget

To start planning, you will need to have a fixed budget, as many of your decisions will be based on it. When you do this, consider the events, guest count and venues involved. This budget will then dictate the venues you can choose from and how much you spend on individual aspects of the wedding, including the different aspects of your bridal look.

12 months:

Think about designers, HMUAs and jewellers

Create your hit lists of outfit designers, professional hair and make-up artists (HMUAs) and jewellers. Do your research and compile a list of top three to five fashion suppliers in each category that you want to consider and see in line with your budget.

12 to 9 months:

Book your HMUA

Get your hair and make-up trials booked in quickly. Popular HMUAs get booked up extremely quickly, so if you know who you want then you should book them immediately. Bring pictures of the type of look you are going for, so your hair and make-up artists can get a close idea of the image you are after. 

Book and attend designer appointments and order your outfits

Handmade outfits take time to create so to ensure ample time for fittings, alterations and any eventualities. Visiting and considering outfits takes time and energy. The hassle of finding the perfect dress is a common worry amongst many brides. It may take many months of hunting and fittings to be able to narrow down the one. This should be an enjoyable process so the earlier you start the ‘hunt’ for THE outfit, the more relaxed and certain you will be in making a choice.

Fashion tips

  • Every bride should allow herself enough time to be able to get a bespoke order.
  • Use platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to get a mood board of designers, colours and styles. Once you know what you are going for book a bridal consultation with your chosen designer.
  • Depending on how many events you’re having, create different unique styles. These looks should lead up to the finale of all your looks: Your wedding day!

Make-up tips

  • If you have your eye on a particular hair or make-up artist book them as soon as the wedding date is confirmed.
  • There are many ways to reach out to make-up artists due to the use of Instagram. Many artists use Instagram as a portfolio of previous looks they have created and this makes it simpler for a bride to find the perfect look for her. Of course, to be safe, it is always best to book a test trial to ensure that your look is exactly what you want.
  • Always bring any jewellery you may have already bought to your make-up trial to visualise the complete look.  
  • Ask your make-up artist to pick the brands they think work best for your skin and start using these products at home.

Hair tips

  • You may choose a separate hairstylist for your wedding day look. Similarly to the make-up artists, they should be booked in advance.
  • If you are getting married abroad, decide whether you want to fly someone out to do hair and make-up and whether you want to choose someone in the location you have selected for your wedding.
  • If you want to try a new hairstyle, now is the time to talk to your hairdresser and hairstylist.

9 to 6 months:

Plan your looks for each event

You want to build up your looks towards the main event. Consider colours, fabrics, hair and make-up and the theme of each event, so you can tie each individual look together.

6 to 3 months:

Plan your jewellery

Now is time to plan your jewellery. Once you have found your dream outfit, you can start searching for your complimentary jewellery pieces. This moment can be overwhelming for the bride as the jewellery completes the bride’s look. We recommend that the bride should book a jewellery consultation as soon as her outfit arrives ideally three months prior to the wedding. This is due to customised pieces taking 6 to 8 weeks to produce. 

We love offering our brides to be an exceptional level of service. This includes an intimate styling session which often leaves our brides feeling relaxed and unhurried. Our consultations include up to an hour of dedicated styling from a member of our team. For the consultation, the bride will ideally need a blouse or chunni. This will help her visualise her look more accurately. It will also make it easier for our stylists to narrow down pieces from our vast collection of jewellery.

3 months

Think about skincare

This is the time to start thinking about your skin, so you are glowing on the big day. You will be having plenty of close-up pictures, so your teeth will be permanently on display. You may like to think about teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening is the best option, but if you are on a budget you may choose an at-home whitening kit. Visit your dentist who will be able to advise you. Stay away from foods that stain like coffee, tea and red wine.

You may also choose to have regular facials or use face masks at home, so your skin is primed for the big day. Your hands and feet will also be on display, so have regular manicures and pedicures leading up to your wedding, to keep them soft and glowing. 

Regarding facial beauty treatments, it is best to book your appointments 3 to 4 months before the actual wedding ceremony. There are many different types of facial treatments. If you opt for something more intensive, like dermaplaning or dermalinfusion, know that it can leave the skin with some redness. Your facialist may recommend a course of treatments.

Also book your final hair appointment, including any last minute colouring or cutting for around a couple of weeks before the wedding. This is not the time to make any drastic changes to your hair.

7 days

Last-minute beauty treats

There are plenty of last-minute beauty treats that can make you feel extra special. You will want to consider hair removal such as waxing and threading. Eyelash extensions are also popular and will give you long-lasting lashes and provide a desirable alternative to stick-on ones.

3 days

Just relax…

Drink as much water as you can in the run-up to the big day, so you remain hydrated. This will do wonders for your hair and skin. Practise walking in your wedding shoes and have a final manicure and pedicure, so you can show off your hands and toes.

Take long and relaxing baths, go to bed early and lots of deep breaths! Also, pack an emergency beauty kit to handle any last-minute beauty worries. Include items like lipstick, perfume, safety pins and a hand mirror.

The big day

Have a wonderful time!

All you have to do now is relax and have an absolutely wonderful time. You’ve done all the hard work organising and booking the best suppliers so just smile and enjoy looking and feeling amazing.

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