Rupa And Amit’s Big Indian Wedding Pt.1

Bride and Groom:

Rupa Thakrar and Amit Raja

Wedding Date:

Friday 1st November 2019

Congratulations on getting married. How is married life?

Thank you, married life is great! It’s definitely been a different kind of start than we expected. We’ve already experienced 2 extreme ends of the spectrum; Amit was relocated to Paris the week after the wedding so spending more time apart than together was challenging but when I was in Paris we were treating it as an extended honeymoon and a chance to explore the lit up Parisian streets over the festive period.  Since lockdown, we’ve spent every minute together; which for some may be a nightmare, but as a newly married couple, it’s really enjoyable being on the fast track; learning to adapt to this new way of life together; for better or worse hey?

Where was your wedding?

I was fortunate enough to be able to get married at home; just like the olden days.

How did you make a decision about the venue?

My parents had a dream to get me married at home, but we weren’t sure how viable this would be given it wasn’t something I’d never thought about seriously.  Amit and I discussed the pros and cons, and with the thumbs-up from several suppliers, we began making this dream a reality.  This was definitely something we feel very fortunate and blessed to have made happen.

How did the planning go and did you use wedding planners? 

I can confidently say that we had a great team of suppliers who made the process so seamless and stress-free – I felt so happy throughout the process and I was so excited to get married to my best friend; it helped that Amit and I were on the same page about a lot of things so thankfully didn’t have any major disagreements during the process.

Given that Amit proposed in Vietnam, our wedding venue was at home, and the Mandwo fell on Diwali – we had so many unique elements that we wanted to tie into our number of events; traditional yet modern.  To bring our vision to life, we approached Principal Global Events.  With weddings being outside their usual domain, which in fact proved to be a huge selling point, they were able to fit the pieces together, push the boundaries of our preferred wedding suppliers, bring new perspectives, ideas and out the box suppliers.  We could not have been happier with the outcome.

How long did the process take and what was your favourite part of it?

We had our civil wedding in April, so we only started working on the Indian wedding events after that – so I’d say 6months.  My favourite part was being so involved in the creative; this came in so many forms all the way from the design of the events through the presentation of the food.  I’ve always had an eye for detail, so to be able to personalise so many of the smaller things was something quite important to me.  During the events; I loved the ‘glam’.  I had trials with all my MUA’s so I had no anxiety, only excitement on all event days.  Feeling like the best version of yourself and being pampered after all the hard work is so rewarding.  I loved it.

Who did you use for the wedding video and photography?

Videography was by Clearcut Production.  Sachin was amazing.  We had an instant connection when we first met him and became fond of him and his work very quickly.  He is extremely talented and focused; he had one of the hardest job’s of all; capturing the moments and telling the story that were going to be our memories for life.  He delivered.

Shital Gohil of Shital Gohil Photography was our photographer; we knew he was our guy before he did!!! An accomplished and confident photographer, he was extremely energetic throughout all events.  Our friends and family loved him and he always knew when and where to be to capture those memorable moments.  Constantly being photographed is enough to make you feel uncomfortable and stiff, but Shital made Amit and I feel at ease at all times, which helped us stay calm and natural for the photos.

Both Shital and Sachin had such great synergy that it made a huge difference in how the dynamic played out of all event days.

Part 2 of Rupa’s blog will be uploaded next week! She will be discussing her wedding day looks and bridal makeup. Stay updated by subscribing to our mailing list, found on the footer of our page.


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