Mini Veda Earrings - Grey-Pink Marble

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The Mini Veda Earrings are your perfect everyday earrings, available in 2 stunning colour ways- a deep blue marble and a grey/pink marble. Cosmic Goddess encapsulates traditional Vedic motifs such as the Sun and the Moon combined with graphic pattern, earthy wood, marble and mirrored texture, and bold colours. My parents inspired me to travel from a young age with a house packed full of artifacts they carefully collected on their adventures. I always remember being drawn to this one wooden statue, the head of beautiful woman adorned in jewels and the biggest crown I’ve ever seen. I was mesmerised by her regal presence and later found it represented a Balinese dancer. On my first trip to Bali, I knew I had an affinity with the adorned motifs and patterns found everywhere, the daily Hindu rituals that felt familiar, and the Balinese dancer that I grew up idolising- my Cosmic Goddess.

Material: This unique piece is lightweight and handmade in our UK Studio with love. Material: Acrylic, Gold plated base metal stud backs.

Size: 4.5 X 3 cm

No of items - 1 pair


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