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The nose ring has a long-standing history in Indian culture. It is thought that nose rings were first worn in India in the 16th century. Today, they still play a significant role in religious celebrations, particularly wedding ceremonies. In fact, in the Hindu religion, the nose ring is seen as a way of honouring Parvathi the goddess of marriage.

As well as having significant religious meaning, Indian nose rings are also worn as a fashion accessory and have been made popular in recent years by singers and actresses wearing them in videos and movies.

An Indian nose ring can be worn on the left- or right-hand side of the nose. And, there are even rings which are designed to be placed in both nostrils. Indian nose rings come in different styles and designs, including studs, hoops and nose chains.

Our collection of Indian bridal nose rings is perfect for any bride who wishes to incorporate traditional elements into her big day. They also go perfectly with our large collection of Indian bridal jewellery, such as necklaces, cuffs, bangles and earrings. We have some of the most gorgeous nose rings UK has to offer, and each will be ideal for a contemporary bride with a wish to incorporate modern elements into her special celebration.

The bridal nose ring with chain is a delicate piece of jewellery which features a hoop that passes through the nose and is attached to the ear by an intricate lightweight chain. Most of our nose rings are hand-crafted which makes them truly unique. For your special day choose a nose chain which features a gold hoop which is adorned by a beautiful flower design in stunning white gemstone. Or, choose to enrich your outfit with a nose chain that features a gold chain in a tear-drop design with white gemstones attached to the nose with a sturdy gold hoop.