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Bring elegant glamour and touch of class to any outfit with a beautiful Indian necklace. Our extensive collection features Indian necklaces which are perfect for a range of events such as a wedding, birthday celebration or anniversary. An Indian necklace also makes a great gift for a favourite lady in your life, like your mother, sister or aunt. Most of our necklaces are handcrafted using traditional techniques which makes each piece unique and that much more special.

If you’re looking for an Indian bridal necklace to wear on your wedding day, you’ll be spoilt for choice. A choker style necklace is perfect for a contemporary bride who is looking for a modern piece of jewellery which incorporates traditional design elements. To truly shine on your big day, choose a choker which is made from silver and which features an intricate design in cubic zirconia. Or, to add a sense of drama to your outfit, opt for a traditional Kudan style necklace. Kudan is one of the oldest forms of Indian necklaces and is thought to have originated from the royal courts of the Rajasthan and Gujarat. They are known for featuring beautiful gemstones which are set in gold foil.

To brighten up your everyday casual or work wear, think about adding a statement long-bead necklace which is adorned with two enamelled side brooches. These necklaces are available in a range of on-trend colours, such as blue and pink, which makes them perfect for any season. For those who prefer something less eye-catching, choose a gold-plated necklace which is embellished with enamelled designs in soft greens and blues.

Come along to our store to see the necklaces for yourself. You can even try them on to see how they look! Or, browse our extensive range online to find your perfect Indian necklace.