Accessories come in all shapes and sizes for the hands and wrists

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Hand jewellery was traditionally worn by Indian brides or those attending religious or special occasions. But, in the past few years, jewellery inspired by Indian designs, colours and patterns have also been included in catwalk shows. Not to mention that celebrities, such as Beyonce and Madonna are both fans of Indian-inspired hand jewellery.

Many of our Indian hand jewellery pieces are hand-made by highly experienced craftsmen who are skilled in creating classic and contemporary designs using high-quality metals. This process makes each piece of jewellery unique and special.

If you’re after a piece of jewellery that will enhance the look of a traditional Indian outfit while at the same time complementing your western outfit, a Ghungroo bangle is a great choice. For a unique look, choose a bangle with a distinctive square design or for understated glamour, opt for a traditional style Ghungroo bangle which features beautiful white crystals.

To add a pop of colour to your workwear or a casual outfit, choose a statement ring which is made from gold metal and which is adorned with vibrant colours like turquoise, pink and green. Or, if you’re looking for a contemporary hand piece inspired by the art-deco era, go for a rectangular shaped ring with geometric designs. Finish off your look with a modern bangle made in gold and featuring pearl ends. You can also opt for an intricate cuff which features expertly shaped designs filled with crystals in colours, such as vibrant red and hot pink.

So, whether you’re looking for a unique piece of Indian hand jewellery to wear to a special occasion or want to gift a family member or friend with a beautiful piece of jewellery, be sure to look around and pick something out!