Inspired by the beautiful and vivacious culture of India, here’s a collection that brings to you its exquisite grandeur in a pop of vibrant enamel colours.

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Beautiful Enamel Jewellery

Inspired by the beautiful and vivacious colours of India, Red Dot Jewel’s Enamel Love collection brings you exquisite grandeur in a pop of vibrant enamel colours.

Whether you are looking for bold and beautiful enamel earrings, a dazzling statement enamel ring or a gleaming enamel cuff, we have an exceptional range to choose from. All our pieces of jewellery are handcrafted from sterling silver and gold. Bright hues or soothing colour palettes offer a twinkling addition to set off your outfit and blend traditional delicacy with a modern vibe.

The Art of Creating Enamel Jewellery

Enameling has long been considered of the finest ways of crafting jewellery. Enhancing both its beauty and value, this art of embellishing jewellery dates back to antiquity and it is believed that enamel art in India has its roots in Jaipur. Many of our pieces feature motifs and styles characteristic of Indian design, including Lotus flowers and structural patterns to reflect their heritage.

Enamel creates a magical effect on colours, offering the ultimate choice when it comes to pattern and design. Whether you are looking for geometric shaped-rings, dramatic drop earrings or a chic and vivid cuff, the clearness and vibrancy of these colours can add an incredible sparkle and charm.

Our Enamel Jewellery

We have one of the finest collections of enamel jewellery UK has to offer. It is both special and easy to wear and means you can effortlessly accessorize, whatever the occasion. If you are looking for a gift, a piece of jewellery from our Enamel Love collection will also make a beautiful and memorable gift. Our enamels are long-lasting and designed for years of enjoyment.

Browse our opulent range now or come and see some of the selection in our Pinner store.