Indian Destination Wedding: A Real Bride’s Story


An Indian destination wedding is nothing short of magical.

The warmth, the sand, and the luxurious atmosphere abroad all make for an undeniably exquisite way for couples to say ‘I do.’ Toss Southern French waves, 7 bridal dresses and a grand helicopter entrance into the mix, and you’ve accomplished something truly spectacular – an Indian destination wedding no one will ever forget.

This is the case for much-loved Red Dot Jewels client Puja M. Puja, an art director and freelance fashion shoot coordinator, came to Red Dot Jewels to purchase her handmade jewellery collection and several of her 7 bespoke bridal outfits. As a loyal client of several years, Puja was more than confident that our team would be able to deliver outstanding, statement pieces for her Indian destination wedding – and, of course, we were more than ready to live up to Puja’s high expectations.

After her return to London post-wedding, we caught up with Puja to find out more about the big day.


Q&A with Puja on her amazing Indian destination wedding


Congratulations on getting married! How is married life so far?

Puja: Fantastic, thank you! We’ve known each other for 15 years and have grown up together so it doesn’t feel like too much of a change. It’s like going back to our normal lives but even sweeter. We have had a lot of family events happening with Diwali last month and we’ve been soaking up lots of firsts together – so all in all, it’s been a very busy and exciting time.

Where exactly was your wedding?

It was just outside Cannes in the South of France.

That doesn’t make us jealous at all! Why did you decide to have a destination wedding?

Puja:  I have always imagined having a destination wedding. Destination weddings are amazing because they become a holiday for everyone. Ours became a summer holiday for friends and family – a lot of people went to St Tropez for a few days after the wedding and really made the most of the destination.

What made the destination you picked in France particularly special?

Puja: The thing we loved the most about our wedding destination was that it had 3 separate villas within it. As we were hosting 4 days of events the 3 villas allowed us to create different interior spaces that each had their own creative vibe for guests to enjoy. One had a pool party vibe, while the other had a more rustic and aesthetic vibe. The background views in the location were breathtaking and the large space allowed for a festival-like celebration across the 4 days. The wedding reception was outside of the villa and we had a henna party at the front. It was magical.

How did the wedding planning go? 

Puja:  It was stressful but it was fun. It took up so much of our time because we didn’t have a wedding planner as such, but having creative control was a major bonus. I also have amazing friends in the industry who helped out a lot. Plus, I work as a freelancer so taking the time off to plan was more accessible.

How did you plan your outfits?

Puja:  Each of my 7 outfits went through a unique design process and each designer I worked with brought out a different side of my style and personality. My wedding dress was white and made from raw silk. It was sexy and figure-hugging but beautifully classic at the same time. Other outfits I wore during the celebrations – at events like my engagement party and henna party – were more colourful, quirky and fun.

Which was your favourite outfit?

Puja:  I couldn’t pick one! They all mean something different and special to me. Some are ceremony events that are extravagant and heavy so couldn’t be worn again to more informal occasions, but others I can rewear and mix and match with other items of clothing.

How involved were you in jewellery and outfit planning?

Puja:  Extremely involved. I took on a lot of planning, right down to the nitty-gritty details of each design. I was constantly going back and forth with designers and making sure to put my artistic spin on things.

Talk us through your wedding jewellery?!

Puja:  My wedding jewellery was all Red Dot Jewels. I had an appointment with the ladies here before my wedding where we talked through all of my outfits and how best to compliment each of them. It was so rewarding being able to use my creative flare throughout the process. After our meeting, Red Dot Jewels sent through so many fantastic suggestions, all with different layering options, designs and materials. I loved them all – even the very first suggestion sent through. After sorting out the jewellery, the girls here handmade my headpiece by merging a headband and a Tikka together in the most intricate and detailed way.

How did you do your hair and makeup?

Puja:  On the day of my wedding I went for a soft and low up-do with some loose tousled curls at the front. The hairstyle worked exceptionally well with the handmade headpiece. And for my makeup – it was all about achieving a perfect, glowing skin look, which ended up working really well.

What was your favourite memory from the day?

Puja: After the wedding we had a helicopter entrance to the reception. I loved journeying through the sky with my husband just before we landed. It had been four days of chaos and we were finally alone together in such a special place for a few short minutes. It put everything into perspective and I felt so happy.

Wow. That sounds beautiful. Lastly, because we could talk about this all day, what advice would you give to other couples planning an Indian destination wedding?

Puja: If you aren’t used to organising large events and want to have a lot of people at your destination wedding, I would definitely recommend getting a wedding planner!

Planning an Indian destination wedding?

If you’re planning your Indian destination wedding and would love a phenomenal bridal experience just like Puja’s – don’t forget to stop by our store or shop Red Dot Jewels online. While weddings are incredible events, we understand that they come with their fair share of stress and pressure. That’s why we’re also available for appointments in-store, where we will bring your bridal vision to life through the art of bespoke fashion and expert advice.

Our doors are always open to you, so that you can have the perfect Indian destination wedding! Book an appointment today to view our variety of bridal jewellery.

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