Hot Jewellery for Hot Weddings

At this time of year, here at Red Dot Jewels we get an abundance of destination wedding brides and family members looking for their bridal and wedding jewellery.

If you are lucky enough to be either getting married abroad in sunnier climes and even luckier to be attending such a wedding then these are a few tips to help with your jewellery choices.

What should I wear?

With those getting married or attending a wedding abroad we often get asked how they should adorn their outfits. Most destinations are generally in warmer climates and held in the late afternoon or early evening as the sun is setting. Our advice is as follows:

  • 1. There are NO rules: Just because you are getting married abroad does not mean you cannot have the full ‘Sabyasaachi’ look if that is what you want. It will always be about how you want to look on the day. Much of the jewellery styling will dictated by the outfit and wedding format but the destination is irrelevant. What is most important is that you are comfortable and that you have achieved the look you are hoping for. Our brides have done a mixture of such styles but have generally picked a less full on look that has been in keeping with the overall bridal style as well as the theme of the wedding.

    This our bride Sherelle who got married in Italy this summer. Sherelle opted for a traditional heritage jewellery look to complement her outfit by Chiffons London.

  • 2. Have fun: Because you are having a holiday style wedding, the usual style conventions (if indeed there are any) do not apply.
    You can be fun and playful whilst ensuring it is in keeping with your look.
    Our exclusive hand painted collection by Aditi Bhatt is perfect for both ethnic and western wardrobes and you will get a lot of wear out of them. The collections includes animal, flower and nature related motifs in vivid colours which make it a great option for destination weddings.
  • 3. Be comfortable: When the sun is out, the heat is on. Be sure to feel comfortable with what you are adorning. Hindu brides also have to contend with a ‘havan kund’ or sacred fire that will add another element to consider and all brides will generally have their head covered for at least one look and will add additional weight to your head. The jewellery is there to enhance the look and not overpower it. And if you are not comfortable, it will show. Be sure to enjoy wearing all the pieces you have chosen.

    Supermodel Gia Johnson Singh was an absolute dream to style. Although she opted for an embellished ivory gown from Soltee UK she wanted to pay homage to her Indian heritage and selected a traditional Kundan necklace and earrings set to create a rich and regal bridal look.

    Image by Anna Fowler Photography

Real vs Designer

One thing we hear a lot from our clients here a lot at Red Dot Jewels is ‘we don’t want the worry of taking our real jewellery abroad’
It has become more and more riskier to take your fine jewellery pieces abroad. Aside from the customs implications that some countries hold, we recently had a bride that had one of her bridal pieces stolen which she had purchased from our sterling silver collection. Whilst she wasn’t the bride on this occasion, the loss of has caused her upset and we are in the process of developing a new piece for her. Now, imagine that this equivalent was made in a fine jewellery format with 22ct gold, inlaid with diamonds and precious stones. This piece stolen would be in excess of £5000.00!!!

  • Many clients choose our pieces as they are the next best thing to fine jewellery with exquisite designs and craftsmanship. Whether made in metal or sterling silver, your guests will be left guessing as to whether the piece is ‘real’ or otherwise. Unless you have a bodyguard and security that will be with you at all times, we are an excellent alternative to those fine jewellers with no compromise on the look you are hoping to achieve. And people, please ensure that you carry out more expensive pieces within your hand luggage, not only for security purposes but to keep the integrity of these handmade pieces intact.

    Meera here got married in Lake Como and was clear she wanted to full Indian bridal look… and when you are wearing Sabyasaachi, you want nothing else!

    Photo Credit: Apresh Chavda
    MUA: Dil Matharu

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