Five Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day

What exactly is Galentine’s day? Who celebrates it?

Who needs to be in a relationship when you have your girls around? Galentine’s day occurs the day before valentine’s day (13th). This day is an unofficial day that is celebrated by many women across the world. Every year the little holiday grows in popularity, so what exactly is it?

In very few words, Galentine’s day is a celebration of female friendships. This day embodies women empowerment by placing the spotlight on the love of female relationships. This relationship could also be celebrated with the girls of the family, sisters, mothers and even the gran!

There are many ways to celebrate Galentine’s day, it’s the perfect excuse to dress up and enjoy yourself with your girls! Some women choose to celebrate this day with their female friendship groups, by going out partying or out to eat. Whereas, others choose to celebrate at home by hosting a slumber themed party, where girls can talk about what girls talk about best (who says it has to be a boy’s free zone?).  Just like Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s is an excuse to give gifts. You may wonder what gifts some people may give on this day?

Here is a little Red Dot Jewels approved list, for those who want to participate in the giving nature of valentine’s day with your girlfriends.

Take Them Out-  Good Conversation Over Some Good Food Is Always A Good Idea.

There are loads of activities you and your girlfriends can do. The good thing about Galentine’s day is that it happens the day before Valentine’s day. This means you will be avoiding the people traffic that Valentine’s day has attached to it. Restaurants will be less crowded, so why not take the girls out to a lovely meal or a trip to the movies? Laugh over some food and cry over some sappy movie (it doesn’t necessarily have to go in that order!).


There’s nothing more sentimental than a thoughtful gift. Jewellery can be the perfect sentimental and stylish gift you can share with a person you care about.  A small gift of earrings or a dainty pendant set can be the perfect item to present to your friend. There is a style of jewellery for everyone, your role would be to look out for the item that suits a particular person best. Whether it is a quirky out there jewellery or a small everyday piece.

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Treat Yourself And A Friend To A Spa Day!

Treat them and yourself in one go! Everyone loves a good pamper session. Galentine’s day can be celebrated by treating the girl/s in your life with a lovely and relaxing treatment that will have you feeling just as good. You can make a nice day of it by going on a girl’s day of beauty treatments. This could be anything from some facials, to massages or getting your nails or hair done.

Fun Group Activities

Learn a new skill while having fun. There are many activities that enhance your learning and can be enjoyable. Play and learn a craft with some pottery classes or get messy in the kitchen with baking lessons. These activities can be therapeutic and very enjoyable with the right companion. Swap the cliché iconic Ghost scene for banter with your friends on whose design turned out the least disastrous.

Girls Night In!

Everyone loves a night in with some good food and a sappy movie to laugh/ cry over. The lead up to valentine’s day means that there are more romance movies on streaming services such as Netflix. Why not have a nice cosy night in with your close girls and get stuck in with some nice treats over a good movie? Some classics to enjoy are; Notting hill (when is it not on tv?), P.S I love you and Bridgit Jones is always a good laugh with friends. Or instead of a movie-themed night, you can switch the remote control for a microphone by playing Karaoke with your friends. Sing at the top of your lungs and dance like nobody is watching! This will guarantee good vibes.

Now you’re on your way to making this year’s Galentine’s Day special with your Gal pals. Valentine’s day is a worldwide holiday, but it’s always great to show the people in our lives that we appreciate the unconditional love that they provide. A well-thought-out evening or a little gift of appreciation can go a mile!



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