If you are getting married and having Indian style wedding then our guide to the 2019 Indian wedding trends is a must-read.  Many Indian brides will enjoy classic and timeless themes consistent in many Indian weddings. However, most will choose to add some unique trend-led touches to give their wedding a special twist. During the past year, we’ve had the immense pleasure of helping many sophisticated and creative brides prepare for their special day.

Here at Red Dot Jewels, we welcome fashion savvy brides from every walk of life. Our brides use their bridal accessories to express themselves creatively. As well as weddings at home in the UK, we have seen an increase in brides going abroad to tie the knot. With destination Indian weddings, our collections complement the colours and ambience through the use of innovative colour ways and distinctive stone settings. We have also seen a number of International brides using our complementary bridal styling service. 

A wedding should always reflect the bride’s personal taste and persona. At Red Dot Jewels,  we complement the latest Indian trends and use our knowledge to help each bride achieve the best bridal version of themselves. This does not just stop at the bride, we also love styling friends and family members whom all have an integral role in Indian weddings. 


Red is and always will be the favourite colour at Indian weddings. It is the boldest and most common colour for any Indian wedding. This is the western world’s equivalent of the ‘white dress’. This bold and bright shade continues to work its way into many aspects of bridalwear, including accessories.

This old age tradition for wearing red or crimson symbolises happiness and prosperity and is considered the most pure in Indian heritage. There are numerous ways to complement your chosen red with jewellery to give this most traditional colour an injection of the 21 century.

In the look below we chose a turquoise and sea green colour contrast to add depth and texture to the overall look. This not only provides stunning contrast but allows the jewellery to stand up against this boldest colour. 


Indian weddings are famed for their opulence, customs and traditions. Many brides are choosing to get married abroad in an exotic and beautiful location, and that has become one of the most popular 2019 wedding trends. Their chosen destination then sets the theme for the celebrations ahead of the bridal look.

The tone has been set by Bollywood celebrities, such as Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, who got married in Lake Como with Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli also choosing Italy for their nuptials. A-listers Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal had their ‘big, fat Indian wedding’ in Udaipur where the families chartered dozens of planes for guests and hosted a private concert by Beyonce.  

Locations like Rajasthan, Goa, Thailand and Greece are popular and Greece, Turkey and Sri Lanka look set to become in demand. 


Enamel work or ‘Meenakari’ is the use of coloured paints to introduce fashionable ways of including colour to jewellery designs and is an Indian wedding trend we continue to see. While today’s jewellery is sometimes less ornate, much artistry goes into creating enamel jewellery and substitutes the use of gemstones. The intricate artwork in enamel jewellery is totally unique for every piece and colour choices are endless which allows for greater choices.

We offer a wide range of enamel jewellery pieces in our most popular sterling silver and metal composite collections. It is with our sterling silver, 22-carat gold plated pieces that we are able to customise the enamel colouring. We have featured this particular design work in our summer 2019 collection, due to the popularity of the designs and fashion collections seen this year. Brides love the colour choices we can offer and we have fun in choosing the colours that best compliment their outfits.

We provide assorted colour options and use designs we have in-store as a template. This allows brides to see exactly what we can create for them. This year has seen us add new colours to our collections. We always try to fulfil our brides’ visions of creating the look they have in mind. By working closely with our design team in India, we always able to create new and updated designs from the pieces we have available in store.


While not really a bridal trend, this is something we’ve noticed a significant rise in popularity in: more and more international brides seeking out our bridal sets. International brides bring bridal design themes from the world together and we give them a unique Indian twist. We are fortunately able to provide our consultation services to brides via video calls. These brides are given a one-to-one styling session with our in-house stylist and are given all the design options.


Bridal makeup is one of the most fundamental elements that brings any bridal look together. There is nothing better than simple and fresh make-up to let you shine. Priyanka Chopra Jonas opted for the ‘less is more’ approach at her recent nuptials. In our 2019 weddings campaign, we used subtle and delicate looks on the models achieved with Charlotte Tilbury products. 

From a summer wedding on a beach, through to a ceremony in a cultural building or another private location, this is one of the latest Indian wedding trends that will remain popular.


Mehndi is a fun pre-ceremony ritual and any brides’ look is incomplete without it. Traditionally, Mehndi was used for medicinal properties to soothe the nerves and alleviate stress. However, the importance of Mehndi goes beyond this. Mehndi is starting to become a new type of artwork that brides decide for themselves. The current trend now is ‘less is more’ with brides choosing elegant and sophisticated minimalistic designs rather then the intricate full arms and legs as seen in years gone by.  


Although red has always been the traditional colour, more and more brides are mixing things up and going for a different softer look. Instead of bold reds, magentas and maroons, they are opting for pastel shades, like mint green, lavender, peach or sky blue.

We cater to this trend by using more pastel colours on our enamel pieces to compliment lighter lehengas and other bridal garments.

This feminine palette of colours looks stunning in enamelled pieces and can particularly stand out at summer or destination weddings.


Couples from different cultural backgrounds choose to celebrate both their cultures in separate ceremonies or integrate them with different rituals from each. Deepika and Ranveer, and Priyanka and Nick both had two wedding ceremonies to incorporate and pay respect to cultural differences.  Some couples are shying away from having hundreds of guests at their wedding ceremonies. Instead, they are opting for smaller-scale celebrations. This not only cuts down the budget but allows them to connect with all their guests.

With the traditional wedding becoming more popular and accessible for the LGBT community we have also seen an increase in same sex couples looking for styling advice for their weddings.

Bridal exhibitions that cater specifically for this community offer a wide range of services that target LGBT couples.  Some brides are going for similar colors and styles, while others  – opting for a unique look, personal to each bride. Whatever the choice, a LGBT wedding is bound to be a beautiful one.


Brides are starting to take the lead when it comes to their bridal entries on their wedding day. Full of splendour and attitude brides now enter on a variety of vehicles such as bikes and Palanquins with the most popular by far an entrance to their chosen ‘tune’ and their personal version of their Naomi Campbell catwalk strut   Brides are no longer playing the shy bride and are only too happy to show off their style and their personality.