Just a glance at the Azuni jewellery range instantly tells you that each collection is precious and unique while simultaneously being contemporary and highly wearable. A variety of techniques such as hand texturing, beading, engraving and oxidizing, is carried out by highly-skilled artisans across the world, which adds a quality hand-crafted edge to every piece.


The Azuni jewellery range is the latest in Indian jewellery and is perfect for every occasion, whether that be a wedding or birthday celebration. These stunning pieces of jewellery also make wonderful gifts for a special lady in your life, including your partner, mother, sister and even your best friend.


Most recently, love for Azuni has spread due to our very own Duchess of Cambridge, who wore Azuni’s Semi- Precious Drop Earrings on a visit to Australia and on many other occasions since. Azuni has traditionally long been a stylist’s favourite, and pieces from their collection is regularly featured in leading fashion magazines, most notably Vogue, Elle, Conde Nast, Tattler, Grazia and Cosmopolitan, amongst others.


The Azuni range takes its inspiration from extensive global travels and often reflects on ancient art and culture. The use of high-quality metals like silver plated brass or 24-carat gold plated brass and semi-precious gemstones will add elegance and class to any outfit. Choose to add a touch of colour to your outfit with a pair of Azuni drop earrings which feature briolette cut gemstones.


Every piece of hand-crafted Azuni jewellery is presented to you in a specially designed microfibre pouch which is unique to Azuni. This pouch is designed to protect your precious piece of jewellery from scratches and damage. Meaning you can enjoy its beauty and splendour for years to come.


The narrative behind each individual collection brings a personal sense of meaning to every wearer, making Azuni Jewellery enchanting for all!

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